Mesa Gonia & Exo Gonia

Meaning: the corner below & the corner above.
To the base of the hill that climbs into Pyrgos you will find Mesa Gonia, leading into Exo Gonia and finally Pyrgos at the highest point.

Host to old wine roads you can walk up from Mesa Gonia all the way through the villages up to Pyrgos.
Mesa Gonia is the old ghost village of Santorini that was devastated in the 1956 earthquake. A rustic village that was once one of the most important wine tasting places, and around the village you can still see the vines growing today.

The winding paths of the village are beautiful to explore. With the tranquillity you will yourself be taken back in time. The houses you will see in this village are a mix between traditional Cycladic design and cave homes.
The amazing part about Mesa Gonia is that you see the newly renovated homes next to the old devastated caves.
Being a quieter village you will find only one small taverana, however Mesa Gonia is home to two wineries Roussos & Argyros as well as the Donkey Brewery.
The main attraction of Mesa Gonia is the Church of Panagia Episkopi, the most important Byzantine monument of Santorini dating back to the 11th century.

Exo Gonia situated half way up the mountain side provides views overlooking the open sea, Kamari /Mesa Vouno, and the airport.

Also devastated in the earthquake there has been a lot more reconstruction than Mesa Gonia and you will find private houses mixed in with holiday villas.
It is a very traditional village with a few restaurants but not touristic, and with the same tranquillity as Mesa Gonia you wonder whether you are on the same island.
In Exo Gonia you will find Art Space, an old winery that has been transformed into an art gallery and a museum with a winery and distillery. You will also find the Church of Agios Charalambos, which is one of the three largest churches in Santorini with its unusual red tiled roof it is difficult to miss. 
Exo Gonia is 1km / 0.6miles (15minutes) from Messa Gonia

Located in Mesa Gonia
Wineries of:
Argyros Estate - Cavnava Roussos 

Santorini Brewing Comapny - (Donkey Brewery)​

The Church of Panagia Episkopi 

Located in Exo Gonia
Wineries of:
Art Space - Artemis Karamolegos
4km / 2.5miles
8.1km / 5miles
(18 minutes)
6.2km / 3.9miles
(12 minutes)

Red Beach​​
11.6km / 7.2miles
(22 minutes)
1.8km / 1.1miles
(4 minutes)
10.7km / 6.6miles
(21 minutes)
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