Hints & Tips​​

Make sure you are prepared for your days out with our useful hints and tips guide.
There is nothing worse than planing that amazing day trip and forgeting something.
Or waking up in the night looking for a drink and you forgot to get bottled water.
  • Drinking Water:  You cannot drink the tap water in Santorini. Bottle water is available everywhere depending on price about 1.40e for 6x1.5 litre bottles. If you are arriving to Santorini late in the evening be sure to pick up some bottled water before bed.

  • Sunscreen:  Always pack some in the bag you are taking out for the day: Seems obvious, right?! However if you are out on a boat for a few hours or a scooter/ATV you do not realise how much sun you will catch, nobody wants sunburn to spoil the next day of adventures or beach time. Hats and Sunglasses as well especially for any little ones.

  • Water:  You will find mini markets most places of the island but if you are going on a long walk be sure to take water with you. I recommend if you have a freezer in your room to freeze a small bottle overnight and you will have ice cold water for some of your day. (The walk to the top of ancient thira is about one hour and there isn't anything till the top)

  • Sensible shoes:  The last thing on the to pack list, however from experience in trying to walk the volcano in Birkenstock flip flops you will be glad you packed a pair of trainers.

  • Beach Shoes:  If you think you will be spending time at the beach then the beach shoes can be a perfect solution. Alot of the beaches are more rocky and it can be tricky getting in and out of the sea. These not so attractive beach shoes will be your new best friend. You can buy these in most mini markets by the beach.

  • Beach Towel:  If you are off out for the day exploring in a car etc pack your beach towels you never know when you will find that little cove or quiet beach to take a quick dip.

  • Petrol:  If you are planning to take your own transport and travel to Oia be aware that there are no gas stations in Oia. Be sure to check you have enough gas to get you there and back again,especially if you are planning to take the more scenic road towards Baxedes. You will find many gas stations around the rest of the island.

  • May, September and October:  These months it is cooler in the night and there is a chance of rain so be sure to pack a light jumper and something waterproof.

  • November till April:  There is a high chance of rain in these months and the temperatures can be chilly even in the daytime. Include a jacket and some long pants in your packing if you are visiting in the winter months.

  • Cash v Credit Cards:  Most places will take cards however please make sure you also have enough cash as well. If you are paying by card it is always good to check at the start with your waiter that they take card, saves the embarrassment later on when you have to run out to the cash machine leaving your partner or friend as collateral.

  • Cruise Ships:  This is a big business for Santorini and as many as 6-8 ships can dock in a day. If you are thinking of visiting Oia for the day earlier in the morning can be better, as most of the ship excursions Oia is the last call around 12-1pm. Fira can also be packed especially in the summer months so expect a high volume of people at certain times of the day. Here is the Cruise Schedule for 2017 that may help you plan your time to get a quieter day.
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Anyone one who has visited Santorini and has any other tips please contact us and we can add them to the list.