Fira & Firostefani

​​Fira (also spelt Thira) is the capital of Santorini and the busiest of the villages. Again perched on the breathtaking cliff side at a height of 260m nearly central on the west side of the island, it gives the opportunity of spectacular
panoramic views of the island and the caldera.
As Fira is the main village it can be extremely busy in the summer depending upon how many cruise ships there are in the port each day.
You will be able to find some quieter areas away from the main streets.
The main streets are filled with shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs.
This is the most lively of villages where you can party till late into the morning.
Like Oia there are an abundance of hotels built into the cliff side, looking down you won't quite believe the beauty as well as the unbelievable architecture.
The Archaeological Museum is located here hosting many items from the excavations of the ancient Minoan settlement of Akrotiri.
As well as the Megaron Gyzi Museum with its interesting collection of photos of Fira before & after the big earthquake of 1956.
The small port that you see below the town is the old port of Santorini. Nowadays it is host to the tender boats from the cruse ships. Down at the port you will find a few tavernas and small shops.
How to get down there? Either walk the 588 steps or ride the cable car.
Why not try a combination of both to ensure you don't miss any of the landscape.

Firostefani is a smaller village to the north of Fira with the advantage of looking back at the hustle and bustle of the main town. It is a quiet village with a few restaurants and shops, perfect for those who wish to take in the evening from their balcony.
​Firostefani is 700m / 0.4mile (2minutes) North of Fira.

Located in Fira

The Churches of St. Mina and Christ.
The Archaeological , Prehistoric and Folklore Museums.​

5.6km / 3.5miles
(11 minutes)
10.7km / 6.6miles
(25 minutes)
Red Beach​​
12.2km / 7.6miles
(23 minutes)
9.3km / 5.8miles
(20 minutes)
14.8km / 9.2miles
(29 minutes)