Best Ways To Explore Santorini

Keep in mind that Santorini is 18km (11 miles) long and not more than 6km (4 miles) wide totalling 73km2 (28miles2)
It is very easy to get around the island and see everything even in just a few days.

Local Buses:

A great way to get about and cheap with prices around 2 euros per trip.
All buses start and stop in Fira (Thira), so you will find that you have to change bus to get around the island.
The good news is that all the buses are air conditioned and have luggage space,
if you need to get from the port or the airport to your hotel.
Timetable & Prices.
Be sure to get the latest copy of the timetable from the information kiosk at the bus terminal.​​​

Best Ways To Explore Santorini Buses


There are not that many taxis on the island so sometimes you can wait a while,
as there is only one taxi rank on the island in Fira.
There are always taxis waiting at the airport and port, however what they like to do is fill the taxi.
So if you are two people don't be surprised when you get in the car that the driver walks off looking for two more people going in the same direction as you.
The fares are around 15-20 euros for the centre of the island then 25-30 euros going up towards Oia or down towards Akrotiri.
(These are just guide prices and fares can and do change)
You can call for a taxi (0030)2286022555 or ask your hotel,
Normally you will be given a specific number for the taxi you are waiting for.​​​

Best Ways To Explore Santorini Taxi

Water Taxi:

This is a fun way to get from Kamari to Perrisa or vise versa.
An old style fishing boat that runs round the mountain about every 30-40 mins from 10am till 5pm
You will need to go into the water to get on the boat up to about your knee.
This runs weather permitting so be aware that you may use the water taxi in the morning but it may be too windy in the afternoon so you may have to get the bus
It is about 5 euros per person each way.
Kamari side: On the beach in front of Hook Bar.
Perissa side: On the beach in front of Demilmar.
Best Ways To Explore Santorini Water taxi Kamari to Perissa

Car Hire:

Best Ways To Explore Santorini Car Hire
Don't want to arrange your day around the bus schedule?
You can arrange car hire with airport pick up, at the port or at many places around the island.
The rates can differ and prices are normally better if you book for more than one day.
Booking in advance can be beneficial in the busier months.

ATV (quad bikes) & Scooters:

There are many places where you can rent these from around the island and
some hotels can also arrange this for you
Normally you get a better price if you book a few days together.
They are a fun way to get around and can be easier to park,
but remember to always wear your helmet!
If you are not experienced in driving a Scooter or ATV
then rent a car or get the bus, Santorini is not the best place to give it a go.​​

Best Ways To Explore Santorini ATV and Scooters

Driving in Santorini:

In Greece they drive on the right side of the road, and there are no roundabouts or traffic lights in Santorini!
The main roads are well sign posted so unless you venture down some random dirt track you cannot really get lost.
Road signs for directions are blue and historical sites are in brown.
Most signs are in English and Greek.
It can be a bit challenging as the normal road rules don't seem to apply on the island. The roads are generally in good condition and can be a bit steep and curvy in some places.
Just be aware that there are always scooters and ATV's on the roads that can make your journey slower.
You are on your holidays on a fabulous island there is no need to go anywhere fast.

Best Ways To Explore Santorini Driving Road Signs