Kamari Beach is one of the famous and most popular black beaches in Santorini, however you will find it more like pebbles than sand.
If you are spending a lot of time in Kamari, I would recommend to get beach shoes; you will be glad you made the investment as the black stones get very hot also getting in and out of the water can be a bit tricky in places.
The promenade that runs along the beach is full with hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and watersports so anything that you need is never far away.
Some places offer beach service and you can get the sunbeds free depending on what you order.
The rock that you see separating Kamari from Perissa is Mesa Vouno, at the top lies Ancient Thira. Inside the rock you will see an arch 'the kamara' where in the summer months you can watch the fearless local children diving into the sea.
The island that you can see from Kamari beach is Anafi. Any plane enthusiasts? If you follow the beach away from Mesa Vouno you come closer to the airport getting a great view of the arriving planes.

Chatterbox Santorini Travel Guide Kamari Beach


Chatterbox Santorini Travel Guide Perissa Perivolos Beaches
These two beaches run into each other over 7km of coastline. Perissa unlike Kamari is more sandy and again is very organised with many hotels, bars, restaurants. shops and watersports. It is not as compact as Kamari as it is two places rolled into one (Perissa & Perivolos)
You need to do a bit more exploring as there are many places off the beach to enjoy great food and drinks.
There is a younger feel more towards Perivolos with its beach bars and nightlife.
Mesa Vouno from this side has a small track to which you can reach Ancient Thira by walking or taking a donkey.
Close to the Mesa Vouno you can catch the water taxi that runs between Perissa & Kamari, rather than hike over. If you like to walk it is about one hour to the top and one hour down to Kamari.
So lots of water and no flip flops.

Chatterbox Santorini Travel Guide Monolithos Beach


Monolithos Beach is close to the airport of Santorini.  The main beach is black sand with fantastic shallow water and is popular with the locals and their children.
There are a few restaurants and hotels in this area as well as a small shop for the essentials.  The main beach is organised with sunbeds and umbrellas, however if you continue down the beach road you will find quieter spots so remember your beach towel.


Chatterbox Santorini Travel Guide Red Beach Akrotiri
The Red Beach is probably one of the most famous and unusual of the beaches in Santorini, located in Akrotiri not far from the Archaeological site.
The stunning red and black rocks that make up the beach with its red cliff side backdrop is not to be missed.
The beach is quite small and is organised with sunbeds if you wanted to spend some time there.
Getting to Red Beach: There is parking at the top of the cliff and you have to walk down to get onto the beach itself,  it is not far but not for the faint hearted.
You can appreciate the landscape without having to take the walk down.
There is also a boat that departs from Akrotiri port.
You will also find some lovely seaside restaurants here.
Chatterbox Santorini Travel Guide White Beach Akrotiri


The next cove over from Red Beach with its black pebble beach and white cliff backdrop.  You can get to white beach by boat or by walking from Red Beach.  It is not as popular as its neighbour so you will find it less organised but a quieter place to take in a bit of that Santorini sunshine.
Don't forget your snorkel as the water in this area is crystal clear.