Akrotiri is a traditional village full of history, which was originally a Minoan settlement. The prehistoric town was destroyed due to a massive volcanic erruption around 1600 BC.  
This is still a quieter village and less developed than others.
The main attractions of the village are the Red and White Beach in addition to the fascinating Archaeological site of Akrotiri.
The views from the south to the north of the island are unbelievable, with the caldera and then looking out to open sea. You will find many hotels, bars, and restaurants in the village and close to Red Beach you can find restaurants where you can enjoy your meal on one of the old small piers watching the world go by. The 13th Century Venetian castle of La Ponta one of the five castles of the island can be found in Akrotiri.
The Akrotiri Lighthouse is located 6.8km / 4.3miles (15 Minutes) and is among the oldest lighthouses in Greece and was constructed way back in 1892.  The the southern most tip of the island the view is not to be missed.

Located in Akrotiri

Red Beach 
White Beach
The Archaeological Site
The Church of Agios Nikolaos
The Castle of La Ponta
The Lighthouse

13km / 8.1miles
(23 minutes)
10.5km / 6.5miles
(21 minutes)
11.8km / 7.3miles
(22 minutes)

Red Beach​​
1.4km / 0.9miles
(5 minutes)
13.2km / 8.2miles
(25 minutes)

9.6km / 6miles
(18 minutes)
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